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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Look and see that I have done all you asked
I have gathered the crimson trinkets, just as you asked
And the buoyant gleaming gems 
all of them counted, cleanly, for the gathered task
I have run the circle twice haggard, more a thousand times
I have stood upon three three toes, sung the thousand rhymes
And now I ask, Give me the thing simple, I demand
Give me mine the bands of nine braided Bliss

It is true as you say, you need not repeat nor remind
So here then you are, what many do not find
That which for so long you sought
Take this the band for so long you fought
Take this the band of happiness, The nine braided Bliss

Hold I say, for what trickery is this?
I have placed the band prim
See the velvet on my arm round
Yet still to darkness I find myself bound
I do not ride on the winds of joy whimsical
Or drink from the streams of spirit magical
You have lied old one, being of deceit incarnate
You have stole me from my years, many intricate
that after all this, to deny me my bliss…barricade!

I warn you, be careful now fool mortal,
spring more agile with words you string
those who would be me tell tales of no height
Then where are flows from the heavens
promised me
That you and yourself alone have furnished
For not twice, not once hath such a premise
wandered amongst my words then unto thee
What then is to be expected from a trinket such? 
You think I have asked for what is overmuch?

You do not see as you are, desolate and wrapped
to a stricken core–all lies shattered, a burden cold and searing
You are enduring–ensuring your knowing
that perhaps when the sharp and broiling woe
turns to a face of joy, a light warm and lifting
You take into you the nature to be glad
Knowing full all – that which was not had
So I bid you listen for this is no ploy
If you do without looking between the done
You lose the race only you have run
And tire and fall before all has begun

When you spend your time on what must be measured
Knowing not why then you measure
You forget what that you thought treasured
And lose to what it is that you must be
And though you may go forth with your eyes open
You will not with those eyes see
When the glimmer fades to no longer
wiped to a cleaner truth, one pure, clear yes raw
and steps to a glimmering–at first–shimmering newness
No! All will be that inglorious hang
of the darkness and its crushing maw

Continue to do just as you must
reweighing that in whose hope you trust
I tell you that you must check
what then drifts silent in to this, your flow?
Look to see but, why do you sow?
Look to see the shape of the one so the other
To Pull from the self the sights to go further
For the secret which to many is not told
Close the one and the other you unfold
Or perhaps not, sorry we cannot hold
But surely they say, you must be bold