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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Streets were empty nary a person in sight
Come now while i tell what led to this plight
It started you see when the children sought night
they gathered in corners looking to strike fright


Or so was said as we read in the pages
or so they said as they gathered in phases
all hoodlings to be locked. sent up in cages


No wait. they say –
the correct term: ‘Peace Camp’
a place to learn
the just good messages


but few would know the truth what was
the end began at last,
oh yes – quite fast
to be processed
in stages =)
everyone to their cast 

yes peace! all was good
so we turned now our sights
to the others who would steal
our hard earned wages


those of age who wander out listlessly
with the onset of dementia all tasks done fruitlessly
they sit in their fancy hospital beds lit
do nothing but play their bingo game bandit
or lay the day wasting –  in their restful comas
while we work they watch – their dreadful droll dramas
No we say let them find their merry way
We owe them nothing for all they do is play


And Now it was good for all the rest best
No ditty old ones or foolish children wild
to take from us our gold plated chest


No Wait! we say,
for surely there are More!

So then we set anew to clear all the dangers
Those who might come to our homes and harm,
The jobless trash who steal from us our shinies
and sit and beg to while away our pennies


so off they went. locked in aplenty
And all was good for a very short time
But now we find that what is truly needed


A neighborhood sentry.
Arrest all who try
to peek at entry

Prevent a crime
just before the time


So it was laid.
To protect our funds
oh, and also future –

Not a step could be taken
Without a price to be paid
No this Nor that
else suffer a character fracture
Breathe at that angle?
Lets see your permit
Blinking at an eagle?
Deposit your credit


So from one to two
we proceeded inductively
Till Not a house could once waken
without a law and many breaking
all done yes. stripped so reductively


But Oh! Peace at last with all trash hidden
No one could do and all the rest ridden
But what was lost in our mad gleeful haze
Safety Can only be bought in a restricting daze


And that is why we find
not a person in sight
So worth it all –
to stave off the fright?


Now gravely the risk
that may so rapidly come
where safety to perfection
make life and death as one
the disappearance of creativity
and the freedom to try
as a human might will
and so swiftly following
for Society a silent collapse
from an illusion of a solution
oh so carelessly taken