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I woke suddenly to find myself able to see in four dimensions. I can tell you it was the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced – time itself had stilled and all motion was silenced.

Instead there – all around me – was a most dazzling structure. A lattice wrought of large and elongated designs – barely imaginable in their intricacy. These shapes were of a strange design and gigantic extent. As my newly expanded mind flitted from shape to shape, its attentions alighted on objects of a particular gestalt.

These objects were vast – though only in a single dimension – and extended as far as my eye could sense. They traced one into another, forming intricate patterns that reached into the entirety of all before me. I could not distinguish one’s start from another’s end.

I too must have been enlarged because I was able to arrive at a place to pull – that I might find a locus to unknot the densely tangled entwinement before me. Perhaps then I would gain some understanding of these strange structures.

Yet I could find no purchase. Even from a slight distance, beginnings and ends could be differentiated only with great effort. Turning only slightly and I’d be set upon once again by a shapeless yet magnificent mangle.

I flittered then to an aerie, isolate from the general meshwork. Perhaps here I could turn a knot upon itself and observe what changes such would effect. Yet even as I struggled, turning all my newly gained powers to bend this thread unto itself, slight as it was, it would not yield to me. Even amongst the more pliable fibers, I could find no anchor, no bifurcations where a link could be turned to fasten upon itself.

So I turned my attention to pulling here and tugging there. Yet, for all my effort, I could get nothing loose and quickly lost my place in the trace. Even the slightest tug on the most remote tendril would unfold into an echo – rippling throughout the structure’s unending expanse.

I worked for, I do not know how long; since as you might have guessed, time is crystal here. And as I toiled and marveled, as the faintest flowering of understanding began to blossom within my mind, my vision began failing me. Slowly the light, with its chorded liquid filament aspect, became ever more amorphous. The singly extended bodies gradually ablated, shrinking and creeping slowly into themselves. Time itself began quickening to a crawl.

Slowly. I turned my head. And suddenly. I found myself on a crowded street, surrounded by perfectly ordinary people.


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