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Tag Archives: informatics

Gene sequencing is not a distraction.
And never once lost traction
What instead we find
countless places to bind

To turn and fold
oh the noise
so harsh a stochastic form
From RNA templates to epigene makers
roundabouts and turn abouts abound

Read a thing or two and
maybe you will see
progress runs apace
And while it’s true the space
to walk is very quite a large
things move at swift
Not a marathon nor a race
‘stead doors open and a place
With treasures ten thousand
to times of what we hold

Alas many a chest is opened
with keys yet unfound
And yes of omics we must pile
enough to fill a barge.

But foolish, yes, to mistake that
as no progress to be found

All that said, it is important to not go overboard on the predictive ability of genes. Some people go too far in thinking it’s some kind of blue print. It’s not, it is more like a declarative specification of an execution context where chemistry and off equilibrium thermodynamics get a lot of leeway on how those instructions are to be interpreted. Of course we would not know this without the gene data. And while predictive utility is hampered a massive lot can be done for many diseases as we get a handle on the data and computations – since there, we want a descriptive not a prescriptive understanding.