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17 Sep 2012

In the below I make a strong argument why eating pork is unethical and even a source of danger.

Judaism, Islam and a couple other religions ban pork. Seeing as many rules in religion were probably created to enforce a particular behaviour, it is likely that even back then, pigs were strong attractors for disease. Pigs are a great hang out and prep school for many types of pathogens and parasites that may want to one day move into a human. In terms of pandemics, the potential of one which the article below talks about, they continue to be a dangerous vector. By continuing to raise and eat pigs, this possible threat will continue. What’s more, the feral version can also be very damaging to a foreign ecosystem. But that’s not the worst of it. That they are hosts for dangerous viruses, parasites and are ecosystem destroyers are not the strongest reasons to stop eating pig meat.

A strong reason to not eat pork is that Pigs are intelligent. Maybe more intelligent than dogs. What are your reasons for not eating dogs (for those of you that don’t)? Are they even cohesive? Every part of any such response that is not begging the question will apply to pigs. I am not arguing for vegetarianism only that a line should be drawn where anything more intelligent must not be eaten, imprisoned or abused. Why? To set an example.

Suppose that someday humans interact with beings that are far more intelligent than them (not as unlikely as you would think). So intelligent that the relative gap between us and them is like the gap between a us and a chicken. So aware that they find us as barely conscious. Then based on how we act now, they would be just as justified to destroy humans and do as they please. After all, why should we care about the opinions of chickens?

It is for this reason an absolute and not relative ethical boundary must be set. I believe Pigs, dolphins, whales, elephants, great apes and corvids pass that line. And octopi may be honorary boundary members. I hope this kind of viewpoint is someday common so that we can at least have a proof of principle that the default mode of superior beings is not wanton disregard for their inferiors.

#animalethics #ethics


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