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11 Sep 2012

People always going on about how Tablets are the future of computing have no imagination.

Tablets are an evolutionary dead end. Google amongst many, are on the right path with the glasses.

In order that a computing device be able to enhance the intelligence of the user in so far that the brain* is able to incorporate it as an external cortex (inferring from the research showing the ability of the brain to be fooled into thinking your limb is not yours or an external one is – without any physical alterations), input/response latencies will have to drop to as fast as the brain’s natural process timings.

Low visual latency goggles with subvoc + chorded key gloves are the current nearest possibility.

*This is more a relationship than a binary fact. The lower the latency in interacting with the computer, the greater the effect on thinking speed and reasoning capacity. Modern devices have already had a non-negligible effect. But have not yet boosted ability by a vast amount.


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